Workshop | Prompt Engineering: Why and How?

You'll get the context of today's AI world and learn how to increase your productivity up to 40% by automating your cognitive tasks.
Event is over
Workshop | Prompt Engineering: Why and How?
Workshop | Prompt Engineering: Why and How?
Event is over
Event is over
Event is over

Description of the workshop:

"Is artificial intelligence the next big breakthrough?" This question has been echoed for the past decade. It seems that now GPT may really be that 'big one'. But what does this mean for you and the rest of the tech world?

Why Big Tech is investing $1.4 billion in funding empathetic assistants like ? In this workshop, you will see the context of the modern world of artificial intelligence and learn how to increase your productivity by up to 40% by automating cognitive tasks.

From the author: "In this three-hour workshop, I will show you the big picture of the technologies that are currently on the market. I will give you the tools and knowledge from Prompt Engineering. They are relevant not only for developers, but also for products , sales, analysts and anyone who wants to improve their productivity by delegating the cognitive load to an AI assistant."

Expert - Vitalii Ratushnyi. For the past 9 years, he worked as a data engineer and solutions architect in Israeli companies, and was the founder of several startups. Currently developing sophisticated quantitative models and tools for an investment fund.


Date and time: November 1, 10:00 - 13:00, (Kyiv time, GMT+3).

Platform: Zoom. We will send you the link on the eve of the workshop, and you will also find it on this page.

Language of the event and presentation: Ukrainian

Maximum number of participants: 30


  • CTO in IT outsourcing companies
  • Technical specialists who plan to become service stations
  • Owners and operational managers of Ukrainian outsourcing companies


Module 1: GPT Architecture and its Broad Impact

✅ Intro to GPT and Prompt Engineering: Attention is all you need
Overview: Introduction to the world of GPT and its significance in tech operations.
Value: Dive into GPT's features and capabilities.
Details: The evolution, features, and world of prompt engineering.

✅ GPT Implementations Overview
Overview: Review of GPT implementations: OpenAI's GPT, Bard, Claude, and LLama.
Value: Get the lowdown on different GPT models.

✅ Mr. RaneDeer - GPT-4 Analysis
Overview: Deep dive into GPT-4's magic through a case study.
Value: Unlock insights into GPT's practical magic.
Details: Real-world scenarios, strengths, and transformative applications of GPT-4.

Module 2: Crafting Effective Interactions and Handling Challenges

❓ Question Crafting
Overview: Dive into the art of asking GPT the right things.
Value: Sharpen decision-making and get clearer answers.
Details: Strategies to get the most out of every GPT interaction.

⚙️ Custom Instructions for GPT
Overview: Tweak and tune GPT for personalized output formats.
Value: Make GPT chat just the way you want.
Details: Unlock customization options and practical examples.

✅ Risk Assessment
Overview: Balance the benefits and challenges of using GPT.
Value: Navigate GPT's world safely and confidently.
Details: Challenges, risks, and smart strategies for responsible GPT use.

Module 3: Detailed Techniques and Tools

✅ Structured Output Techniques
Overview: Craft prompts for clear, actionable insights.
Value: Turn GPT chats into action plans.
Details: Best practices, I/O formats, and clarity techniques.

✅ AI Hallucinations
Overview: Navigate the occasional AI hiccups.
Value: Ensure smoother AI chats.
Details: Why they happen and how to dodge them.

✅ Plugins Overview
Overview: Power up GPT with the coolest plugins.
Value: Supercharge your AI toolkit.
Details: Top plugins and how to integrate them.

✅ GPT Agents & Copilots
Overview: AI's role in reducing cognitive load on specialists.
Value: Org Roles Structure with Instructions.
Details: AI copilots, their magic, and integrating them into daily ops.

Speaker: Vitalii Ratushnyi, Software Engineer

— Tech Enthusiast

— Interviewer

— Architect.

— Passionate about neuropsychology, the development of perception and trying to find the truth in everything. First principal thinker ☝️

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