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Our experience of transferring Laravel microservices to AWS Lambda using Vapor [rus]

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In this talk, I will tell you about Vapor and will share our successful experience of moving from regular AWS EC2 servers to AWS Lambda and how everything changed after the appearance of Lambda on our project.

  • When serverless architecture is the best choice.
  • Overview Vapor - a platform for deploying and managing Laravel applications in AWS Lambda from Laravel.
  • Our experience of migrating to Lambda, difficulties, best practices.
  • How we predicted the cost and how much we pay in fact.
  • Ways to optimize costs.
Yehor Herasymchuk
Dots Platform, Founder & CTO
  • Founder/CTO at Dots Platform
  • Certified Laravel Developer
  • His team develops a saas solution for food delivery business automation
  • Has been working as a backend developer for more than 10+ years
  • Maintains a Telegram channel where he talks about the product
  • He talks about architecture and backend on his YouTube channel
  • Author and mentor of Laravel and PHP courses
  • Yehor codes for himself in free time, and as a result, he has become a winner of UaWebChallenge
  • Always tries to make things simple
  • Linkedin, Facebook
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