Webinars: Node.js Stack for Enterprise

Webinars for JavaScript developers
Event is over
Webinars: Node.js Stack for Enterprise
Webinars: Node.js Stack for Enterprise
Event is over
Event is over
Event is over

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Webinars: Node.js Stack for Enterprise

Introducing a series of free webinars in three parts on “Node.js Stack for Enterprise“.

The first lecture will be held on April 8 at 7 p.m (UTC+3). Timezone: EEST.

Next two lectures: April 15 & 22. The event will be held in Russian.

Speaker: Timur Shemsedinov - researcher, lecturer, open-source enthusiast, 25 years in IT, CTO Salucyber, Chief architect at Metarhia.

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Node.js from middleware to services

Description of the first webinar.

How to stop writing code with memory leaks, get rid of leaky abstractions, and not mix the two of them. How to step away from heavily layered software abstractions, discover causes of code instability, and easily maintain technical debt instead of accumulating it. How to refactor without hurting authors of the previous versions, write code that doesn't call out for your colleagues' insults or a dismissive attitude. All of that can be your life if you let go of middleware. But "How do you even program with Node.js without them?" you'll ask, and that's what we'll cover during the talk. Join in to find out the answers.

YouTube broadcasting of the first webinar "Node.js from middleware to services"

Node.js strategy for the corporate sector

Description of the second webinar.

How to build secure enterprise-level information systems using the Node.js technology stack with a minimum number of dependencies, develop servers for apps and reliable microservices that have the required isolation level, are scalable, attack-resistant, and easy to modify and maintain. What requirements does this development area impose on technology, developer knowledge, development process, and code quality? How to prove that Node.js and JavaScript are ready for these challenges, overcome the preconceived notion that they're childish, and demonstrate the maturity of the stack for information systems of banks, fintech, industry, transport, government, and international organizations, taking the lion's share of the market from old players.

YouTube broadcasting of the second webinar "Node.js strategy for the corporate sector":

Adaptating GRASP for JavaScript and Node.js

Description of the third webinar.

All books and articles on GRASP, all reports and lectures, and code samples are tied to Java, C#, C++, and other languages, so JavaScript developers usually think that all techniques are irrelevant to their language. I've prepared an extensive course of lectures on GRASP. And with this overview, you'll get a general understanding of how to adapt GRASP to JavaScript syntax and the features of the Node.js runtime, what techniques to apply using the principles of responsibility distribution and what this can give us in practice: how GRASP can be used for system and application code, for modeling and data access, for routing requests and increasing the flexibility of a modular system, implementing inversion of control, and implementing dependencies.

YouTube broadcasting of the third webinar "Adaptating GRASP for JavaScript and Node.js":

Speaker Timur Shemsedinov

— Researcher, lecturer, open-source enthusiast, 25 years in IT;

— 3rd place in Ukraine by Github followers;

— CTO at Salucyber, Chief architect at Metarhia;

— Free video lectures > 200;

— Metarhia community organizer, speaker at >40 conferences;

— Expert in building distributed enterprise applications, systems architecture, cybernetics, system programming, DBMS, production automation, telemetry, network servers and protocols, system analysis.

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