Workshop: Performance testing

We will consider the value of such tests, methods of their execution, peculiarities of conducting them for monolith and microservices, and basic tools.
Event is over
Workshop: Performance testing
Workshop: Performance testing
Event is over
Event is over
Event is over

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Description of the workshop:

Workshop dedicated to the least popular and most expensive type of testing - software load testing. We will consider the question of the value of such tests, the methods of their execution, the peculiarities of conducting them for monolith and microservices, several basic tools, and most importantly:

  • when needed
  • for what
  • what is the right place to start testing
  • how exactly to conduct it
  • when should you transfer the task to done
And we will also review the audience, which will then use the artifacts of your work.

You will understand how to improve product quality and create realistic expectations for development and capabilities. You will be able to act both as an organizer and as an executor of the testing process. And you will also get knowledge of how to perform the same work without wasting time, get DoR and DoD blanks and learn to answer those questions of business representatives that they themselves could not formulate correctly.

Coach — Olexandr Gilievyi, Software Engineer Technical Lead at Creatio. 11+ years in IT.

From the author

I — technical lead of a team that develops marketing automation products. Their essence is to centralize content management and audience analytics. If you ever received advertising letters in your mail — it is very likely that they passed through our service. We know when the letter lands in your inbox, we know if you opened it and when exactly it was sent to spam )).

I have almost always worked in companies where speed was a defining indicator of quality. Therefore, I have been dealing with this issue for more than 10 years, and for the last 6 years I have been systematizing ideas and creating a unified algorithm for working with the load. Actually, this is why I am here, and why you will be interested in my workshop.


Date and time: July 1, 10:00 - 15:00, (Kyiv time, GMT+3).

Platform: Zoom

Language of the event and presentation: Ukrainian


  • Middle+ level developers QA
  • Architects


  1. Overview of the subject area.
  2. Formation of the testing task.
  3. Monolithic vs microservices.
  4. Rules for choosing tools and environment.
  5. Approaches to testing multi-component systems.
  6. Format of final artifacts..


10:00 intro + introduction


  • presentation of the software solution in diagrams
  • make a test scenario in groups
  • presentation of group results


11:30 a.m. Theory. Load testing:

  • what is it
  • what types are there
  • why not all are needed and not always
11.45 Purpose of testing. Interview with RO/RM to form requirements and expectations:
  • marketing
  • potential sales
  • product support and development
12:00 Monolith and microservices. Peculiarities of working with them, definition of existing restrictions:
  • allocation of the testing area
  • environment configuration
  • tool selection rules
  • preparation of input data
  • work with background load
  • overengineering best practices
13:00 Processing of artifacts and conclusions
  • Presentation of artifacts
  • Useful context when writing code


13:30 Practice 2:

  • work in groups, make a scenario according to the proposed scheme
  • presentation of group results
  • comparison of approaches

14:30 Group conclusions

14:40 Q&A

Olexandr Gilevy, Software Engineer Technical Lead at Creatio.

— 11+ years in IT

— Developer of highly loaded marketing modules


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