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Utilizing Strategic Domain-Driven Design in frontend architecture

Architecting software, especially on a large-scale where it needs to meet the business requirements is always a challenge and your next frontend apps whether you use React, Vue, Angular or anything else, are not an exception. Strategic Domain-Driven Design techniques ensure your application is optimized to support business goals while identifying cohesive modules, known as a bounded context which creates a maintainable, comprehensible codebase by isolating dependencies and describe business value.

In this talk, I explorer the idea of the ubiquitous language, the bounded context, sub-domains and utilize them by using monorepo and microservices, web components and more which can be easily scaled and maintained.

Majid Hajian
  • A passionate software developer with years of developing and architecting complex web and mobile applications
  • He is passionate about web platform especially flutter, IoT, PWAs, and performance
  • He loves sharing his knowledge with the community by writing and speaking, contributing to open source and organizing meetups and events
  • The author of "Progressive web app with Angular" book by Apress and "Progressive Web Apps" video course by PacktPub and Udemy
  • Co-organizer of a few mobile and web meetups in Norway as well as Nordic conferences for mobile and Angular, Mobile Era and ngVikings
  • Twitter, Github
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