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Node.js in 2020: Get out and come back again

Over the past 5 years, Node.js has changed a lot, but the knowledge in the platform community has remained at the level of 2013-2015, all the same approaches, all the same problems. The community is not watching for new features, and if somebody finds out something new, it doesn't affect everyday code style and techniques. Fundamental CS knowledge, software engineering, and architecture, parallel programming, GRASP, SOLID, GoF are weakly penetrating into Node.js and even in JavaScript. Even if they do, they don't undergo adaptation and rethinking. Therefore, among other programming languages, JavaScript is perceived as frivolous, and Node.js as a platform for uneducated people.

How to overcome this trend and how to change Node.js development approaches in 2020 using all modern capabilities and knowledge, as well as what needs to be changed in daily code writing practices, these and other issues will be covered in this talk: Node.js в 2020: Get out and come back again".

Timur Shemsedinov
Metarhia, Kiev Polytechnic Institute
  • Researcher and lecturer at University "Kiev Polytechnic Institute"
  • Chief Software Architect at Metarhia Technology Stack
  • 25 years in IT, expert in building distributed corporate applications, systems architecture
  • NodeUA, KievNodeJS and HowProgrammingWorks meetups organizer
  • Specialties: cybernetics, programming, DBMS, system analysis, production automation, telemetry, system software, network servers and protocols
  • The author of the Impress application server for Node.js, JSTP and multiple other open source projects
  • Twitter
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