Frameworks in 2015

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Hey, let's talk about the future! Frameworks are moving fast, delivering new features, improving performance, and expanding the boundaries of what's possible to do with the web today. Sometimes it's hard to keep up. We'll talk about what the future holds for all of us and how to write your applications today to be prepared for it.

Andrey Listochkin
Viravix / MetaSystems
  • CTO at Viravix / MetaSystems
  • KyivJS, RustFest, RustUkraine organizer
  • Preached Anti-Hype before it was cool
  • Speaks Unicode at 3 am
  • “JavaScript Druid” according to some Go engineers at Dropbox and Google
  • Loves JavaScript, even though Prolog is his all-time favorite
  • Twitter, GitHub
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