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Monorepo. Pros and cons

Talk video

Why use monorepo and how to set them up in the right way? All facts are base on real experience.

1. For what are monoreps?

  • Your experience?
  • Why did you decide to change?
  • Why don't you change?

2. Alternative: many NPM packages.

  • Pros and cons.
  • Favorite.

3. What tools are there for monorepositories?

  • Yarn workspaces/NPM workspaces.
  • Lerna.
  • Bazel.
  • Pnpm + rush.

4. Nuances with monorepositories

  • Integration with vscode (find refs, refactoring, etc).
  • Integration with eslint.

Guests: Ostap Chervak, Oleksii Levzhynskyi, Anton Verinov, Eugene Obrezkov, Oleksii Raspopov.

Ostap Chervak
  • Software engineer at Grammarly, web-editor team
  • More than six years of web development experience
  • Main interests: open-source, best practices, FP (FRP)
Oleksii Levzhynskyi
  • Tech Lead, Software Engineer at Grammarly
  • Has more than 10 years of experience in front-end development using various technologies, from Rails to Typescript
  • Focused on creating the Grammarly Editor, an AI-powered writing assistant for Grammarly’s 30 million daily active users, for the last 5 years
  • Contributes to Focal, an open-source reactive state management framework, in his spare time
  • Co-hosts weekly talks in
Alexey Raspopov
  • Senior Software Engineer at Noteable.
  • Developer with more than 10 years of experience.
  • Specializes in UX, DX, frontend tools and concepts, and data visualization.
  • Likes to find new ideas and practices in other technologies and languages.
  • Twitter, GitHub
Anton Verinov
Software Developer
  • Generalist software developer since 2013
  • Sees computers as tools, not as a way to depersonalize users
  • Occasionally speaks publicly
  • Twitter, blog
Eugene Obrezkov
Wix Engineering
  • Software Engineer at Wix Engineering
  • Saw pre-Angular times, wrote spaghetti code with jQuery, been there, seen that
  • Loves making other developers’ life easier
  • Plays with compilers, OS, bare metal in spare time
  • Give me a JSON file and I’ll tell you what TypeScript you are
  • Facebook, Twitter, GitHub
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