Intensive Docker Online Workshop

This online workshop is for developers who use Docker
Event is over
Intensive Docker Online Workshop
Intensive Docker Online Workshop
Event is over
Event is over
Event is over

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Intensive Docker Workshop

The workshop will start at 10:00 EEST and will be held online in English in Zoom. Please install it on your device. Number of participants - 30.

Docker and containers can help developers in many ways: providing clean, isolated development environments; quickly spinning up test instances for CI purposes; ensuring coherence between development and production platform; and much more.

This hands-on workshop will give you an opportunity to dive in, see Docker in action, and learn how to use it for your projects. You will learn about Docker basic concepts, how to run containers, create your own images, interact with the "Docker Hub", connect multiple containers together to form complex applications, describe application stacks with Docker Compose, and much more.

Advanced topics will include various image optimization techniques: how to reduce image size (while retaining build performance) with multi-stage builds; comparing the impact of static and dynamic libraries as well as leveraging images based on Alpine Linux and its musl library. We will also see how to accelerate builds by caching dependencies, for instance with Bundler, Maven, and Pip.

Speaker Jérôme Petazzoni

— Was a part of the team that built, scaled, and operated the dotCloud PAAS, before it became Docker

— Worked seven years at the famous container company, wearing various hats

— When he's not busy with computers, he collects musical instruments

— Can arguably plays the theme of Zelda on a dozen of them

Level of audience

This workshop is primarily for developers, but also suitable for system administrators or architects who need to understand the underpinnings of container technology in order to leverage Docker in development, CI, or production environments.

No previous knowledge of Docker or containers is required, but you will need some basic UNIX command-line skills. It is recommended that you know how to use a UNIX editor (like vi or emacs).

This workshop is suitable for beginners (who have never touched Docker before) and for intermediate users (who have some experience with Docker but want to go to the next level). In each module, we have included both essential information, and advanced content so that you can improve your skills in all circumstances.


The workshop will start at 10:00 EEST and will be held online in English in Zoom. Please install it on your device. Number of participants - 30.

You won't need to pre-install Docker before the course: each student will be given credentials to connect to an individual virtual machine. So all you need is a computer with a SSH client!


August 29

First steps with Docker:

  • Docker and containers overview
  • The "hello world" of containers
  • Foreground and background containers
  • Containers, images, layers

Managing containers:

  • Naming containers
  • Inspecting containers
  • Troubleshooting containers

Building images:

  • Building interactively
  • Building with a Dockerfile
  • Understanding the build cache
Homework: writing Dockerfiles for microservices

August 30

Stacks of containers:

  • Container networking basics
  • The Container Network Model
  • Service discovery
  • Local development workflow
  • Leveraging Compose

Optimizing images:

  • Reducing image size
  • Multi-stage builds
  • Tips, tricks, and best practices
Homework: writing advanced Dockerfiles

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