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Discussion "Relational database problems in 2020"

Questions that will be discussed:

  1. What database trends are popular in 2020?
  2. What are the criteria for selecting (or not selecting) a database for a project in 2020?
  3. Store data locally or in the cloud?
  4. How does the speed of the system depend on the choice of database? Is it possible to build a fast and fault-tolerant system on any database?
  5. How have relational and NoSQL databases changed in the last 5 years?
  6. When does it make sense to use both a relational and NoSQL database in one project?
  7. What is the most interesting problem (and its solution) with databases in your practice?
  8. Isn't it a secret that there are open source and paid databases to choose for your project?
  9. High Availability and Scaling - what are the current or recommended solutions?
  10. Stored procedures and functions - is it a good idea to keep logic in the database?
  11. Are there any limitations in relational databases that you think hinder their further development?

Discussion participants:

  • Peter Zaitsev (MySQL)
  • Aleksei Milovidov (Clickhouse)
  • Andrey Borodin (PostgreSQL)

Moderator - Yevgen Lysenko

Yevgen Lysenko, Co-founder & CTO
  • Co-founder & CTO @ – the leading Ukrainian ticketing company
  • System architect
  • Good at analyzing, building and rethinking systems
  • Trouble solver & crisis manager
  • Eager for new technologies and ways of thinking
  • Twitter, Github
Aleksei Milovidov
  • Dev Lead at Yandex
  • Since 2008 has been developing data storage systems for Yandex Metrica
  • ClickHouse project founder and developer
Peter Zaitsev
  • Graduated from M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University and even in his student years was the technical director of the SpyLOG project — a statistics service for websites
  • At the beginning of the 2000s, Peter became an employee of MySQL AB and headed the group of optimization of performance optimization (High-Performance Group) within the company
  • In 2006, Petro Zaitsev abroad founded his own company "Percona" with a specialization in MySQL, and according to — to optimize the performance of MySQL and MongoDBⓇ databases
  • Peter is also a co-author of the book "MySQL. Performance Optimization (High-Performance MySQL), one of the most popular books on this subject, published by O'Reilly
  • He is one of the authors of the Percona Database Performance Blog (formerly — MySQL Performance Blog) and often speaks at technology and business conferences
  • Twitter
Andrey Borodin
  • Yandex RDBMS Development team lead
  • Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Ural Federal University
  • Has been researching data indexing since 2008
  • Teaches at Ural Federal University and Yandex SHAD
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