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NoSQL against SQL

Video of dialogue

During the discussion, we will discuss the following questions:

  • What do SQL and NoSQL databases mean to you?
  • Why hasn't NoSQL supplanted relational databases in the last 10 years?
  • Schemaless - an advantage or a disadvantage?
  • Scale relational databases. Is this possible?
  • Database selection criteria for a new project?
  • Integration of SQL and NoSQL databases
  • The future of databases
Andrey Nikishaev
  • System architect at Moneyveo
  • 20+ years in software product development
  • 4+ in Machine Learning products, mainly in Computer Vision
  • Had actively involved and has launched more than 10 startups from fintech to hardware
  • Has extensive experience in Marketing / PR / Customer Relation
  • Had launched ML courses with Object Detection recently
  • Facebook, GitHub, Telegram
Oleksii Kovalov
Teamwork Commerce
  • Experienced Lead Database Administrator with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry
  • Has strong engineering professional skilled in SQL, Borland Delphi, Databases, C, and .NET Framework
  • Linkedin
Denis Reznik
  • Works as a Data Architect at Intapp, Inc. Databases - are his passion.
  • He has a wide experience in the development of highly scalable SQL Server and SQL Azure based projects.
  • Microsoft Data Platform MVP since 2010.
  • He often gives talks about SQL Server on conferences and user-group meetings.
  • He also is a SQL community enthusiast.
  • Twitter
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