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CTO discussion

Discussion video

Questions that will be discussed:

  1. global technical decision making
  2. technology selection for the project
  3. technical risk management
  4. forming and managing development teams
  5. business interaction

Discussion participants:

  • Dmitry Menshikov (Aurora Technologies)
  • Eugene Pilyankevich (Cossack Labs)
  • Oleksiy Solntsev (YChamp)

Moderator - Kirill Latysh (Сools Inc)

Eugene Pilyankevich
Cossack Labs
  • CTO at Cossack Labs - developer of data protection tools in modern high-load systems with a high level of risk - critical infrastructure, finance, etc
  • 18 years of experience between information security and system architecture in the roles of engineer, manager and supervisor
  • Interested in the behavior of people in conditions of uncertainty, risk management, and complex tasks
  • All his life his interests completely coincide with his work - information security, risks of infrastructural reliability in large systems, human behavior in conditions of uncertainty and high risk
  • Twitter, Blog
Dmitry Menshikov
Aurora Technologies
  • C-level @ Aurora Technologies, consultant, evangelist
  • An active participant in International Software Architect Club, Kyiv CTO Meetup, PHP Friends Club, speaker at many conferences
  • Driven by the fact that the IT business is dominated by goal achievement, and languages and technology are only tools to achieve the goal
  • Has been writing code for 15 years, has been in management for 6 years, 7 years in highload, uses dozens of technologies and languages
  • Has a telegram channel "Об IT без галстуков"
  • Facebook
Oleksiy Solntsev
СЕО YChamp
  • Expert with 16 years of experience in building effective software development processes and IT department management in food companies
  • Participated in the construction of an R&D center for the French company Oberthur Technologies (development of innovative products in the field of inter-machine interaction and bank NFC payments)
  • As VP of Engineering at a food company, he developed cleaning, performance and security solutions for MacOS
  • As СТО managed the construction of an SMM-platform for promoting business on social networks
  • ex-СТО of one of the largest marketplaces in Ukraine - and online stores and
Kirill Latysh
Сools Inc
  • CTO at Сools Inc
  • Laravel lover
  • 10 years with PHP
  • high load expert
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