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[Workshop] High Available Redis Cluster is Simple

Workshop video

Workshop presentation

During the workshop we will:

  • discuss and step by step, configure the fault-tolerant Redis Cluster;
  • use 3 Redis-Server (1 Master + 2 Slave) replication and monitor its state with the help of Redis-Sentinel;
  • configure a single entry point for applications using Haproxy;
  • set up another server with Haproxy so that it does not become a single failure point;

At the end, we will need keepalived for automatic IP reconfiguration between haproxy servers. And, of course, we’ll try to kill our server and check if everything is set up correctly.

Tecnhology Stack: Redis, Redis-Sentinel, HAProxy, keepalived.

The workshop will be held in Russian on October 13th at 18:00 EEST.

Yehor Herasymchuk
Dots Platform, Founder & CTO
  • Founder/CTO at Dots Platform
  • Certified Laravel Developer
  • His team develops a saas solution for food delivery business automation
  • Has been working as a backend developer for more than 10+ years
  • Maintains a Telegram channel where he talks about the product
  • He talks about architecture and backend on his YouTube channel
  • Author and mentor of Laravel and PHP courses
  • Yehor codes for himself in free time, and as a result, he has become a winner of UaWebChallenge
  • Always tries to make things simple
  • Linkedin, Facebook
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