Crash-course: Chief Technology Officer

A course that will allow you to clearly understand the tasks and goals of the CTO in the realities of Ukrainian IT, and the ways to achieve them.
Event is over
Crash-course: Chief Technology Officer
Crash-course: Chief Technology Officer
Event is over
Event is over
Event is over

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Crash Course: Chief Technology Officer is a training course where you will be able to go through the main stages of a technical specialist in the position of STO in the realities of Ukrainian outsourcing.

The knowledge gained will be useful to those lucky people who already hold the position of CTO in outsourcing, and to those who are just planning to develop their career. Based on practical experience, real cases and analysis of the speaker's facaps (which, of course, were) you will significantly save your time and resources for more effective performance of your duties. And you will be able to become an indispensable technical visionary and enabler in your own company.

Expert - Serhii Herasymov, CTO at OTP bank Ukraine, 15+ years of experience in software development


  • CTO in IT outsourcing companies
  • Technical specialists who plan to become service stations
  • Owners and operational managers of Ukrainian outsourcing companies


Date and time: October 7&8, 10:00 - 16:00, (Kyiv time, GMT+3).

Duration: 2 days of 6 hours

Platform: Zoom

Language of the event and presentation: Ukrainian

Maximum number of participants: 40 people


October 7:

  • CTO role in outsourcing and product
  • Responsibilities of the CTO
  • Structures and commands
  • Interaction with C-level and subordinates
  • Management styles (Command and control vs everything else)
  • Financial management
  • KPI, OKR
    The first hundred days
  • Technical analysis of the company
  • Easy wins / significant wins
  • Planning your time
Colloquium (practical tasks in the form of conversation and discussion):
  • Gap-analysis of the state of technical excellence of the company
  • Development of the technical management structure

    October 7:

      Strategy and strategizing
    • Building a technical strategy
    • Strategy
    • Repriotization and modification of strategy
    • Project thinking
    • Technical enabling
      Crisis and scaling
    • Crisis technical management
    • Scaling the company: tasks for service stations
    • Innovation - prediction, analysis and adaptation
    • Theory of solving inventive problems
      Antipatterns and ways to overcome them
    • Fire extinguishing
    • Permanent memory loss
    • High index of power distance
    • Development of a strategy for the implementation of the transition to a new technological stack
  • Expert: Serhiy Gerasimov, CTO at OTP bank Ukraine.

    — 15 years in the software development industry

    — Participated and led the following areas: technical sales consulting, financial planning, recruitment and resourcing, architectural design and implementation, technical audit, business digitalization, adoption of cloud strategies , mentoring and coaching

    — Acted as a developer, technical lead, architect, technical director and CTO

    — Worked and works as a CTO in outsourcing and product companies

    — Speaker at conferences, meetings, workshops, author of courses

    — Scaled development departments from 20 to 350 developers

    — Promoter and implementer of the concept of technology agnosticism, personal area of interest - functional programming languages, low code / no code movement

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