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Rethinking Low-code [rus]

Talk presentation

Low-code sells great, but in practice, it does not provide the benefits that vendors have claimed. What are the reasons and how can we get an advantage using the Low-code principle? Experience of radical rethinking and use-cases in enterprise applications together with multi-paradigm programming and metaprogramming.

Timur Shemsedinov
Metarhia, Kiev Polytechnic Institute
  • Researcher, lecturer, open-source enthusiast, 25 years in IT
  • 3rd place in Ukraine by Github followers
  • CTO at Salucyber, Chief architect at Metarhia
  • Free video lectures > 200
  • Metarhia community organizer, speaker at >40 conferences
  • Expert in building distributed enterprise applications, systems architecture, cybernetics, system programming, DBMS, production automation, telemetry, network servers and protocols, system analysis
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