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How to design a Facebook in 30-minutes or Acing System Design Interview [rus]

Talk presentation

System Design interview is very different from other types of interviews and especially from coding interviews. For most algorithmic tasks, it's possible to find a solution. It can be suboptimal by performance, CPU, or memory, but it will be a solution to a problem. You may have a coding complicated task, but it'll be definitive and lay in front of you. And at the end of the day, you'll need things like breadth-first search, depth-first search, a couple of sorting algorithms, and a couple of weeks of crunching leetcode tasks.

But what should you do if you get asked to design a YouTube with its petabytes of storage and millions of users? Or Twitter with hundreds of thousands of people who write down millions of thoughts almost as quickly as they appear in their heads? What a Clubhouse or TikTok system design could look like?

Projects for hundreds of thousands of man-hours asked to be designed in 30-40 minutes timeslot. And how a system design should look like? What kind of result do they expect to get from you? What you should worry about, and what's irrelevant? How avoid getting stunned and come up with at least something? How to attack ambiguity?

We'll dive into all of the aspects of a System Design Interview in my talk.

The talk should be helpful for:

  • Architects and Tech Leads who need to come up with a system design quickly in fast-paced environments. Like various meetings with customers or with their dev teams.
  • Developers who may want to interview for top companies. System design interviews are more-more standard these days.
Oleksii Petrov
Solution architect @ Jain Irrigation Inc.
  • Solution architect at Jain Irrigation Inc.
  • AWS Certified Solution Architect
  • Docker/Kubernetes apologist
  • MongoDB Certified Developer
  • Active PHP Community Member
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